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Become a volunteer for Høydenfestivalen 2024!

In 2024, Bergens best festival is happening for the third time, and we need your help to do so! Volunteers are the most important thing to be able to create a magical festival. As a volunteer at Høydenfestivalen, you get to work with other students and young people to make the festival happen! Sign up and get an experience of a lifetime! Below you will find out what we expect from you as a volunteer, what benefits you get from the Høydenfestivalen and a little about the various tasks you can choose from.

If you have any questions that you didn't get an answer to, you can send them to Anna, which is responsible for volunteers, at!


As a volunteer, you will first register in an interest form below, where we will register you as avolunteer. After you have signed up through the registration form, at the end of the summer holiday you will be sent a new form where you can choose between what days you prefer to work, and which tasks you would like to do. This is how we avoid you having to send emails and change working daysbecause you have changed some subjects or have compulsory attendance in your classes. You willthen be assigned work tasks approximately 7 days before the start of the festival, and have theopportunity to change if necessary. You also get the opportunity to inform us if you want to work withyour friends, so you can have time off at the same time.


As a volunteer, you can choose between two options; either way, you can work the day before and the day after the festival, and get both festival days off. Or you can work either Friday or Saturday, and have the second festival day completely free.

What do we expect from you?

As a volunteer, we first and foremost expect you to show up on time for your shifts, familiarize yourself with your work tasks and contribute to creating an inclusive and pleasant working environment. It is also a plus if you can carry out the work tasks with a smile (even if they have to be carried out in rain gear, as the festival is in Bergen after all!) Our requirements for you as a volunteer are described in more detail in the volunteer contract, which is attached to the registration form.

What will you get?

As a volunteer, you get a free festival day and a t-shirt with the Høydenfestivalen's logo. While you work during the festival, you get food and drink, as well as a nice and educational experience with fantastic music and a good vibes. As a volunteer, you also get the after-party at half price, just NOK 75 per day! What distinguishes Høydenfestivalen from other festivals is that most of our volunteers are students. Being a volunteer is therefore a great opportunity to get to know other students across schools and fields of study.

What can I do?

As a volunteer at Høydenfestivalen, you can choose between many different tasks. You will of course receive good training, and there are few of the tasks that require prior knowledge.


Sunshine group:

As a volunteer in the sunshine patrol, it is important that you enjoy talking to people and contribute with joy and good humor to the festival area. Some of the tasks of the sunshine patrol will be to handout food and drink to other volunteers and help the well-being officer to collect and prepare food.

Film & photo:

As part of the film and photo group, you have the opportunity to assist the communications officer in documenting the festival. Here you get the opportunity to both help us take pictures and video of the magical atmosphere while you are allowed to enjoy the concerts. Some experience is required here, and you must provide your own equipment.


In the bar, you will help serve beer, soft drinks, water and other beverages to the festival participants. This is a job where you will be running around alot, so if you like engaging and hectic work tasks, this bar is for you!

Stage worker:

As a stagehand, you get the opportunity to help set up and take down the stage between the artists, and you work closely with our production manager. In addition, you get the opportunity to see all the concerts up close! Here, some experience is an advantage, but not a requirement!


During rigging, you will work with either rigging or dismantling of the festival area before and after the festival. Here the tasks can be everything from stage rigging to setting up tents and fences. Here there is a lot of lifting and carrying, and you can be assigned to many different tasks that arise along the way.


As a host, you will have tasks such as looking after the emergency exits and fences around the festival area, as well as checking entry and exit. As a host, it is important to be able to make sure that everyone in the audience is well, and to be able to dare to tell the Securitas security guards with whom the festival works if you see something that is not right.

Artist host:

As an artist host, you will be able to contribute to the artists having a good experience during the Høydenfestivalen. Here, the duties will be to work backstage, as well as have good contact with the artists during the festival days. This is a good fit for you who like to be hands on and get several different work tasks in one shift. Maybe you'll even meet your favorite artist?

Register today and take part in creating the best festival in the west country. We look forward to seeing you in August!

NB: To be a volunteer at Høydenfestivalen you must have turned 18 before the festival!

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